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Netherlands based publisher Tyler Roland Press, focuses on international publications in the field of leadership and change.

With our publications we strive to help our readers to develop themselves in both their work and management domain, and where possible to see development flow into their private domain. Our end goal is to see our publications challenge and inspire leaders around the world to rise above themselves.

Tyler Roland Press publications emulate the following criterias:

  1. They are clear, accessible and practical in nature
  2. They are evidence based, realistic and down to earth
  3. Above all they are fun to read

MBA in één dag - Het boek (nieuw)


Dream Dare Do

Everybody has dreams related to work, relationships, health, personal development... But what is needed to change the phase of dreaming, into daring and into doing? What is the secret of real, permanent change?

Ben Tiggelaar gives clear answers. Based on current psychological insights en practical experience of people who have learned to manage themselves and realize their dreams. More than 250.000 copies sold in Europe!

Price $ 14,97, 139 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-9079445011
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MBA in One Day - Management Classics

Insights and advice from the most important management gurus on 10 audio CDs. Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, Philip Kotler and more...

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